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"Immersion" -- JNJ mosaic 2022 Guangzhou Design Week

2023.03.03-06, 1B20, Hall 1, Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center

Immersed in the material...

Immersed in creation...

Immersed in determination, persistence, love...


Stand the test of time







Bright light under the world

Confirm the exploration of Mosaic aesthetic road countless innovation and creation

Follow nature and emerge


Explore the interaction between design and life

JNJ mosaic "IMMERSION" Space

Welcome ~



When personality meets reason


Melt the state of nature, decorate a peaceful environment

The Mosaic particles are appropriately interwoven with the microcement

There is a delicate balance between delicacy and fullness

Make space, matter and sense have great resonance


Mainstream new materials,

Simple, natural and full of life at the same time

Quiet, pure

Immersing in the interpretation of the most essential "born naturally"



Let the mind find a place to rest


Break away from primitive definitions

Create a series of visual feasts

Immersive experience of life scene


Escape definition

Combine "beauty" with "function"

Bring out the space art level of thinking and inspiration intersection

Ideas have no boundaries, life has no limits

Enjoy being yourself without limits in the rules



Realize the long-term value of a better life


Explore the pursuit of art

Along contemporary pulse

From color matching, texture, arrangement, application and other dimensions

Bold innovation in the original process

The addition of intelligent technology, the advent of new products

Construct flexible personality and high recognition

A system of art materials with fascinating details

Provide all-round solutions for living a better life



What is immersion?

Deep in life

JNJ mosaic

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