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Original design-- JNJ mosaic Wins Awards

Original design-- JNJ mosaic Wins Awards

Strength witness, innovation is best


The beginning of March
With the opening of Design Week
The annual Design awards were also announced
The JNJ mosaic brand continues to outperform
Respectively won

"Recommended Brands of 2022 Guangzhou Design Week"
And "
2022 KAPOK Design Award · Product Design Award"




2022 Guangzhou Design Week recommended brand × JNJ mosaic



JNJ mosaic was once again awarded the "Recommended Brand of Guangzhou Design Week" by the Organizing committee of Guangzhou Design Week.

Guangzhou Design Week is the premier design industry event in Asia. JNJ mosaic has cooperated with Guangzhou Design Week for more than 10 years. Through this platform, we can engage in dialogue and integration with Chinese and global design forces, and achieve multi-field integration, so that mosaics with the ability to express design ideas can be presented in any carrier to enhance the long-term value of design projects.


Recipient: Ms Cai Qian, Marketing Director of JNJ Mosaic



JNJ Mosaic won the 2022 Red Cotton Award · Product Design Award



JNJ mosaic brand design team combines flowers of different sizes in nature with the virtual and real connection of branches and leaves, and displays them with a variety of technical combinations. The colorful colors are full of countless emotions, elegant and interesting, and fill the modern room with an artistic atmosphere of fashion and luxury.

The work --"Mind of Flowers" was selected as"2022 KAPOK Design Award · Product Design Award"



Works:JP1057  The Mind of Flowers


JNJ mosaic has been included in the award list for many times since its inception. This is not only the conference's high recognition of original design, but also the driving force for us to adhere to the road of original research and development.


Recipient: Ms Cai Qian, Design Director of JNJ Mosaic




JNJ mosaic brand is a material art brand with process design gene and integrated operation of production. It is also a Mosaic personalized customization brand with original design capability, providing designers with solutions deepening and project landing services.

In the future, JNJ mosaic will continue to strive to enable creative and dynamic Mosaic products and Mosaic Mosaic works to be designed and integrated into life, so that more people can enjoy the artistic charm of Mosaic.


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