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Bright will never fade

Bright will never fade

Review of JNJ mosaic exhibition at Guangzhou Design Week 2022

The four-day Guangzhou Design Week 2022 kicked off smoothly


With cutting-edge, interesting, diverse innovation results

It ended on a high note of praise and success





Months of planning

Three days of intense construction

The beautiful design of 168 square meters

More than 100 pieces of new Mosaic exhibition


Double expectations

JNJ mosaic with ideas

    Always bring a surprise




The new material made its debut

Pay more attention to the scene interpretation of life

A refreshing Mosaic of original material presentation scheme


Deeply attracted domestic and foreign partners

And for design enthusiasts

JNJ mosaic exhibition hall, more than 10,000 people showed up on the first day

The spectacle was unprecedented, and it was very lively




Mainstream media platforms focus on interviews

Millions of exposures

At the same time around the pavilion theme, design concept, technology

And application of multi-dimensional landing

A detailed interpretation of JNJ mosaic exhibition for online audiences

And deep collision communication

Full range of online and offline immersion output




A young, energetic, sincere and enthusiastic team

Keep the temperature rising at the JNJ mosaic Pavilion

Patient and meticulous service, professional and unique explanation

Let each audience aptly feel the unique artistic charm of Mosaic




JNJ mosaic began with this exhibition

New system, new direction and new results

Combined with the new market demand, a comprehensive display of Mosaic art new dimensions

Multiple and drive, ready for a new journey





Thanks to the Organizing committee of Guangzhou Design Week

Thank you to all the media friends, partners and design enthusiasts

Thanks to all the colleagues who have contributed to this exhibition




Bright will never fade

I look forward to seeing you again


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