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Five senses awaken children’s dreams, which is the beginning of a beautiful world--case appreciation of JNJ mosaic theme park

Five senses awaken children’s dreams, which is the beginning of a beautiful world--case appreciation of JNJ mosaic theme park

Overall project display of Children’s World Park in Evergrande Cultural Tourism Town, Guiyang, Guizhou


A whale

A dolphin


Carrying ancient memories of everything in the sky

And the secret garden with the stars in the universe

From the deep sea

Travelling thousands of miles to reach Guiyang

A blue and artistic fantasy park was born

Lighting up the fun time and joy






Mosaic Design+


“Five Senses” reproduce the true nature




Based on the phenomenological analysis of space perception, a human being’s five senses and feelings make different interpretations of space in their interaction and combination.


Therefore, when we design mosaics, we create different spatial atmospheres, narrow the distance among human beings and between human beings and the space through the changes in the five sensory functions of “seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting” that occur when people enter into the space. We make people who come here feel the unique charm of an ocean theme and the joy, freedom and warmth brought by the children’s world park.




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Before your eyes is

The quiet and beautiful blues blending with heaven and earth

Creating the breathtaking beauty

The giant deep sea creatures in new mosaic dresses

Narrating the magical mystery of the ocean

With their unique postures





▲ Evergrande Children’s World Park | “Blue Whale” and “Dolphin” artistic devices (plus the link of promotion text)





 There are various sounds in the sea

Coming from the distant skyline

From vague to clear

The murmur of the sea

And the whispering of the waves

Skimming the thin eardrum

Bring about the thoughts into your heart 






▲ Evergrande Children’s World Park | ""Little Blue Whale” device , whale square bench flower base, tree pond bench





When your feet touch the sand

Soft, delicate and comfortable

Instantly your heart will melt

Getting close to nature

Immersed in the childlike fun




▲ Evergrande Children’s World Park | Mini Manor Stool





Smell from all directions

Sneaks into your memory

Scenes that you seem to have met before

Emerging with the stairs

Dreaming in childhood, and the future can be expected





▲ Evergrande Children’s World Park | Moon-catching stairs, smart mouse stairs





Escaping from the hustle and bustle

Seeking for childlike fun

Enjoying the time

A sweet taste on the tip of your tongue

Making you marvel at the beauty that nature endows us




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Evergrande Children’s World Park + JNJ mosaic


Art, interaction and extension


The Guiyang Evergrande Cultural Tourism Town Project takes the fairy tale world as its theme, and covers six original themes such as Brilliant China, Magical Western Europe, Exploration of South America, Mysterious Ancient Country, Roaming in the Ocean, Traveling Through Space, etc.

Among them, the “Roaming in the Ocean” theme section creates a space with rich experiences through overlaying “Mosaic Art”, “Device Interaction” and “Space Extension”. This is undoubtedly a comprehensive upgrade compared with the traditional tourism town. The blue whale device, dolphin device, stools, flower bases, sand pools, stairs... inside the Children’s World Park, all kinds of mosaic works with their own affinity and fun make the space lively and warm, which even more provides fundamental and interesting points for the establishment of the community groups.


Choosing mosaic

Mosaic--material is environmentally friendly (safety ensured), rich in color (colors ensured), strongly decorative (applicability ensured), individual art (the sense of experience and artistic sense enhanced), symbolizing the implication of recycling.

Tourism Town--a comfortable and safe compound space integrating participation, interaction, experiencing and entertainment. In addition to meeting rigid demand, it pays more attention to how to strengthen the multi-layered interaction between human beings and space, nature, aesthetics and social experience.


☸ Creating new commercial landmark with craftsmanship

In order to improve the artistic value and cultural value of this commercial entity, Evergrande Cultural Tourism Town and JNJ mosaic brand have made powerful combination to perform the dialogue standing in the high-level of world art, and have fully activated the vitality of tourism town, led the change of Guiyang’s business pattern and become a new benchmark through the combination of quality life, smart business, art appreciation and humanistic experiences.



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