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Look! Subtle interweaving, blending and boundless -- Visit JNJ mosaic to appreciate the “tower”

Look! Subtle interweaving, blending and boundless -- Visit JNJ mosaic to appreciate the “tower”

December 03 to 06, 2020, 1B20, Guangzhou Design Week Poly Exhibition Hall

The great significance of the arts, basically because it shows the true feelings of the inner mysteries of life and passion of the world.

-- Romain Rolland




Blending · Boundless

Breakthrough · Amazing


On December 3, the 2020 Guangzhou Design Week Exhibition of JNJ mosaic brand started from the theme concept of “Blending-Boundless”, selected diverse materials to condense and combine in order to create samples of mosaic living spaces with different themes, infinitely creating fun and enabling visitors to appreciate the magnificent blooming of mosaics in zero distance, to awaken their senses and to enjoy the ingenuity and craftsmanship of mosaics in each detail.





 Condensed into a wall, drawing light into the tower 



The combination of works is infinite in varieties

The appropriateness and delicacy are mastered in every tiny bit



Regarding the thinking of the front space, we use the combination of different materials and geometric waistlines to create creative expressions, penetrating into the space-time tower, deep into the mosaic aesthetics of space and time, which echoes the form of space, installation and future design trend. Climbing up the steps, the visitors will be tempted to march towards the brilliant rays.










Stacked up to establish the tower, magnificent and splendid


From particles to colorful mosaic installations

How many "dimensional walls" need to be broken



As the leading part of this exhibition, the “Space-time Tower” is established through the interlacing of graphics, proportions, lines, colors, textures, rays and other material qualities. This is a mosaic art installation full of transformation with a bold, innovative and elegant style, flexible and dynamic. It awakens the texture of life, and insists on the aesthetic values of independent thinking and the free spirit of the works to express the mosaics that should not be defined.

In irregular spaces, the original mosaic installations are incorporated. The leaping and mysterious rays form a contrast to the rigorous space to express the self-iteration and transformation of “integration, overthrow, infinity”. It is also a phenomenal presentation of the infinite circulation in a restricted space, implying the unlimited possibilities of mosaics.










Delicate intertwining, romantic charm


Passing through the time-space tower, the auspicious elements of mythology and mosaics are delicately intertwined, and the flexible dancing rhyme interprets the vivid artistic conception and infinite breakthrough.










Break the conventions, with unrestrained and vigorous style


Through the three-dimensional scene of modern and dreamlike merry-go-round,  it echoes the theme of “Happiness” in the 2020 Design Week, breaks the conventional two-dimensional design and fully presents the interesting elements of the mosaic.










Independent innovation

Achieves unlimited creation


Insisting on independent R & D and independent innovation has always been the attitude of JNJ mosaic brand when creating works, which is also the reason why we are enjoying the high reputation among people of middle and upper classes at home and abroad.

We have met the challenges and accomplished many highly difficult projects in this exhibition. In order for each piece of work to be perfectly blended with the space and to create a special artistic conception of the space, the JNJ mosaic brand design team has gone through scores of repeated modifications and continuous improvements before it finally settles the plan. In addition, based on powerful diversified craftsmanship and the works assembled and completed, it presents the unique beauties of craftsmanship, details and design!












Awaiting you in the “tower”

Exploring the beauty of mosaic



December 3-6

1B20, Hall No. 1 of Poly World Trade Center, 2020 Guangzhou Design Week   

JNJ mosaic


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