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Youth continues to create a new trend --- JNJ mosaic “Inlay and blend”

Youth continues to create a new trend --- JNJ mosaic “Inlay and blend”

2021.12.09-12,JNJ mosaic 2021 Guangzhou Design Week

Love can withstand a long time

There are endless surprises to explore


Love while exploring

Fearless youth, the courage to become the vanguard of The Times



Guangzhou Design Week

December 9, 2021

JNJ Mosaic Brand Pavilion

Full of traditional beauty and compatible with modern novelty

Originality plays a breakthrough "By Inlay" performance


Alternative Guochao, Rise of personality

"Material and Art Display" of Mosaic inlay

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Beauty that never fades |

Real concrete fun

Looking up to shining light of passion

Under the guidance of pleasing Oriental colors

Step into the Young Theatre at JNJ Mosaic

Familiar and cordial feelings will come to you


Beauty that never fades

Follow nature  Unveil




| Retro or Trend |

Explore traditional decorative materials that full of life

Adhere to the skilled Mosaic craft as the root

In just the right balance

"Material and Art" perfect integration

Boldly interprets the new realm of Mosaic aesthetics with Oriental style


Modern Mosaic

Retro or Trend




Ordinary at first sight, endless aftertastes |

Break the technology limits

Order and demand based on the whole space

Extreme control of application functions and details

To reach an inner resonance that transcends the material

Multiple visual sense, Fine texture, Touch our hearts


Aesthetic and emotional immersion experience

Ordinary at first sight, endless aftertastes




|  Due to Mosaic |

Look back at the past 20 years

Ideas become rich

What has changed is the Times, the thinking and the form

What remains unchanged is the deep dream and responsibility


 creativity, innovation, production, creation

All the realization is attributed to the essence of Mosaic technology




A rich multidimensional Mosaic "plot" interpretation

Continued in the years

Bloom in the youth


Inlay as the carrier to show alternative personality

Express the contemporary truth and create the trend of The Times




JNJ mosaic

Dec,9 - Dec,12

Exhibition Hall 1- 1B20

Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall



  镶 · 融  


Immersive personality thoughts

Let's go on

Love together

Explore together

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