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Enterprise Keeps Pace With The Times,Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade Again

Enterprise Keeps Pace With The Times,Intelligent Manufacturing Upgrade Again

Victory Enterprise is the first company to introduce transparent cord-mounting machine.


With the continuous progress of science and technology, in order to achieve the goal of Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality , Victory enterprise keeps pace with the times, takes the lead in importing intelligent Crystal Sticking Machine from Italy, who is the first mosaic company to introduce this equipment in China. Victory enterprise solves the problem of not firm paste, fallen chips and uneven gaps, and to further improve product quality, production efficiency, prolong the service life of mosaic products.






01. Stability

The special selected adhesive with stable performance is insoluble in water and resistant to cold and high temperature.



02. Flexibility

It can adjust the thickness and length of cords according to different mosaic sizes, shapes and formats, in order to achieve precise dispensing and high efficiency mass production.



03. Non-deformation

Compare with regular mesh mounting and other traditional mounting ways, Crystal Sticking Machine can adjust viscosity and thickness of adhesive to ensure the flatness and non-deformation of mosaic surface.



04. Not easy to fall off

Compare with traditional mounting way, Cord-mounting can increase the contact area between mosaic chips and construction foundation surface, which makes mosaic firmer, more difficult to fall off, especially suitable for swimming pool and bathroom and other moist areas.





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Following the trend of sustainable development , Guangdong Victory Art Glass Co., Ltd. solves the problem of mosaic products by high-end technology, then again we stand at the forefront of the industry. Henceforth, Victory enterprise will build a higher quality supply chain with intelligent Crystal Sticking Machine, and provide more comprehensive, better quality products and integrated solutions for global customers.

The spring finally comes, the future is promising. Victory enterprise will go with you shoulder to shoulder!





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