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Time: Oct. 18th, 2016 18:30-21:00

Address: Eyesight Western Restaurant, the 7th Building, Creative Industrial Park, Chancheng District, Foshan 

  • After planning, preparation and competition for one year, the final rewarding result of JNJ age • Glittering around the countrycontest came out, and grand prize-rewarding ceremony was held on the evening of Oct. 18th.

—— New Products · Art ——

  • The distributors gathered together to appreciate the new products of JNJ mosaic for the autumn and winter at the atrium of creative center, and they conversed with each other happily before the prize-rewarding party started. 


 Part of the new products for the autumn and winter were exhibited at the atrium of JNJ creative center, attracting the audience to take photos

  • The 2016 new products of JNJ mosaic return back to the nature, capturing flexible smell of leaves, flowers, birds and insects, etc. One after another poetic product is generated with mosaic, mixing the various kinds of colors to be beautiful and amazing artistic scenery. Varied elements retrieved from nature, lines and abstract, mixture of emotion into the scenery, and combination of personality with luxury, wishes with hopes, and sensibility with fashion, are displaced by mosaic unconsciously. This is JNJ mosaic, the one with thought. 


 Elegant artistic inlay products by JNJ mosaic

—— Starring · Shining ——

4. 开场GIF.gif

  • The prize-rewarding reception of wine formally started, accompanying shock opening-up video--”JNJ age · Glittering around the country”

  • Next, a phase of video—”looking back the artistic road”opened the prelude for this reception of wine, displaying how has JNJ mosaic been continuously searching for the artistic inlay road to invent new operation method of artistic inlay, enter into the public with art works, introduce artistic works to the elegant places, or decorate architecture with large wall paintings during the past year. 


 Guests watched the video seriously


  • It glitters under the starlight. The road to pursue art, is full of struggle and braveness. 

  • JNJ age • Glittering around the country”aims at encouraging the personnel or teams to keep innovation and struggle in all aspects, promoting the development of brand culture construction and economic benefits, and encouraging the cooperators to innovate autonomously in the field of design. 

  • Firstly, the prize for “ The Best Marketing Spokesman Of Jnj Mosaic”was granted. This prize was for those who performed excellently in construction of JNJ mosaic sales channel, promoted JNJ mosaic brand actively and made great contributions. 

  • 12 candidates were included for this prize. Finally, 5 of them obtained this honor according to the ranking of the total scores after network votes, scores from the teachers of the training, as well as scores from the judges of organizations.

6. 最佳JNJ马赛克营销代言人获奖名单.jpg


 Mr. Li Zhenhua, the general manager of Victory Glass Building Material Co.,Ltd in Sihui, granted the prize for the award winners


▲ The winners made speeches


  • Next, “The Best JNJ Mosaic Engineering Project-Creative Prize”was granted. This prize was for those personnel or units who made innovation in the field of design and performed excellently by applying JNJ mosaic products for main utilization during the past two years. 

  • Totally, 9 projects took part in the competition, including hotels, real estate and subways. Finally, according to the ranking of the total scores, 4 of them obtained the prize after comprehensive calculation of network votes and scores from the judges of organizations.

9. 最佳JNJ马赛克工程项目·创意奖获奖项目.jpg


▲ Prizes were granted for the winning projects by Mr. Li Weida (first one from the right), 

the president of Victory Glass Building Material Co.,Ltd in Sihui, 

and Miss Wen Qi (first one from the left), the general manager of JNJ mosaic subsidiary in Foshan 


 President Li Weida and General manager Wen Qi had photos with all the award winners


 Representatives from the distributors who belonged to the prized projects made speeches

—— Warm ·  Dinner ——

  • After the prizes were all granted, dinner began. There was unrestrained joy on the faces of the guests, as well as confidence for the future while they toasted each other. It is believed that in the future, the cooperation between JNJ mosaic with its distributors will become more intimate to create a grand future hand in hand. 


 Leaders from NJ mosaic toasted and talked with the distributors