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Topic of the workshop: art and technique—protection, research and manufacturing of ancient Chinese wall paintings 

Time: Oct, 19th to 20th , 2016

Address: Shanxi History Museum

  • On Oct, 19th to 20th , 2016, the international academic workshop was held at Shanxi History Museum, with its topic as art and technique--protection, research and manufacturing of ancient Chinese wall paintings”. Shanxi History Museum is a national museum of class A, and one of the museums built by the central and local governments together. Among its generations of precious collections, extensive attention from the scholars home and abroad  is paid to the high level, large number and integration of time sequence of wall paintings in the graves of Tang Dynasty. 

  • As a leader in modern craft, as well as a campaigner for traditional techniques, JNJ mosaic brand enjoyed great honor to be invited to participate in this international workshop. Meanwhile, experts of wall painting protection and research from Germany and Korea, 39 cultural and museum units in China, and about hundred of experts and scholars from universities and colleges were also invited for this international academic workshop. 


  • One of the purposes of this extensive invitation was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment and opening of Shanxi History Museum, which proactively absorbed advanced techniques and ideas from home and abroad for protection and recovery, history and art researches, and imitation and manufacturing of wall paintings; the second was to promote academic communication, further extending the brand of “Shanxi History Museum Wall Painting Forum” to inherit and develop brilliant Chinese cultures. 

  • Discussions and communications were taken around three aspects at this workshop, i.e. “art”, “technique”, and “ theme research on the wall painting in tomb of Han Xiu”. Some experts and scholars with abundant academic communication and practical experiences made wonderful speeches, including Wang Wanfu, researcher from Dunhuang Academy, Zhang Zong, researcher from world religion institute of China Academy of Social Sciences, Zhou Shuanglin, vice professor from Beijing University, Li Xingming, professor from Fudan University, Wan Yingsheng and He Xilin, professors from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, etc. 


  • Mr. Renxing, who has been concentrating on inlay technique researches for many years, represented JNJ mosaic brand to make a speech. Surrounding the two topics of “art” and “technique”, he explained in detail the historical development and present evolution of mosaic inlay technique in wall paintings and its influences on Chinese wall paintings. His excellent speech was highly recognized by those who participated in this workshop. 


  • This workshop not only greatly promoted communications and experiences of ancient Chinese wall paintings in the aspects of research on art history, protection and recovery and high-tech application, finding a better and more professional cross-disciplinary point for the research and protection and art recurring of ancient wall paintings, it also brought about the sharing of cultural relics and talent resources, perfect combination of cultural relics protection and art application, meanwhile, it established the communicative bridge for cooperation between JNJ mosaic brand and research and protection of ancient wall paintings. Attention was highly paid to this workshop, which enhanced and sped up the active steps of JNJ mosaic brand into the world.