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Time: Oct. 17th -18th, ,2016

Address: Building 23, the Creative Industrial Park, Chancheng District, Foshan

  • On Oct. 17th -18th, ,2016, distributors from different cities gathered at the creative industrial park at Foshan city, participating in the 2016 annual assemble for training for JNJ mosaic brand distributors. They never met each other before, while they shared lots of topics like old friends because of their common affection for JNJ. 

Chapter One · Communication

  • As the leading brand in the field of mosaic, the strong power of JNJ mosaic is the decisive element for its status in this industry, but the market keeps changing, you will fall back if you fail to go ahead. This annual training assemble was held to further enhance its comprehensive strength, brand appealing and its cohesive force. 

  • This training assemble was divided into two parts. One was that the lessons were taught by Zhong Lei, the teacher from Guangzhou Bo Ying Training Company, and the other was the internal training provided by the staff from the headquarter in Foshan. 


  JNJ mosaic 2016 annual assemble for training was going to start


  • On Oct. 17th , through his abundant experiences and professional angel, Zhong Lei put forward several problems that existed in the sales of home decoration market at present, and analyzed the corresponding measures to solve commonly seen sales problems in detail. 

  • The distributors on the spot participated in the discussion actively, and shared their own successful experiences and particular viewpoints in sales of JNJ mosaic products. 



  Zhong Lei was teaching seriously, and distributors from different cities were concentrating on his lessons 


  • On Oct. 18h , the hot PK link came, and members from each group presented their best state. The sales rehearsal appeared to be real and natural. The members applied what they have learned into practical use. Later on, they applied the knowledge learned from their teacher into the sales rehearsal. PK among the groups turned to be more and more intense, and their excellent performances won them thunderous applause from the audience. 


  Continuous wonders at PK link



  Judges listened carefully and made impartial judgment 

(left) Mr. Xiao Hongliang, chief officer of domestic sales department

(middle) Mr. Li Zhenhua, the general manager of Victory Glass Building Material Co.,Ltd in Sihui

(right) Zhong Lei, Guangzhou Bo Ying Training Company 


  • The final champion, silver and bronze medal winners were decided after the intense PK in the morning and careful discussions of the judges. In addition, all the other participants obtained abundant award.


 Winners got the prizes on the stage

From left to right, from up to down, they are the champion, silver medal winner, bronze medal winner and other participants respectively

Chapter Two · Training Assemble


  • The last line of this training assemble was internal training of JNJ company. The present market situations were mainly analyzed and systematic training for mosaic effective sales measures and tools was provided; artistic inlay was professionally analyzed and its artistic value explained; and the new products for the autumn and winter were introduced, to fulfill brand updating from the top to down. 


  Domestic sales department--brilliant on-spot analyses by the chief office, Xiao Hongliang


  Domestic sales department--sales tools were displayed by Mr. Ren Xing on the spot


  Release of JNJ mosaic 2016 new products for autumn and winter


  • At last, Mr. Li Weida, the president of Wei Qi Glasses and Building Materials Co., Ltd. in Sihui made his comments on this assemble training and expressed his future prospects for JNJ mosaic. According to him, more people would feel the artistic beauty of JNJ mosaic, which would result in its further brilliance, as long as everyone worked together and cooperated well with each other. 



 Summary by President Li Weida