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Since the spring of 1957


Time: October 15-16, 2016 (Phase I)

Venue: China Import and Export Fair

(No. 380, Jiangjiang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China)

Booth: Hall 9.2 E15-16



JNJ mosaic faces the world in a positive attitude,

And it will never miss the best and most famous fair in China.

2016 autumn Guangzhou fair received its grand opening today.

Every time when JNJ mosaic participated in the exhibition,

it showed its powerful brand strength in a new way,

Making everyone who visited the exhibition position of JNJ mosaic feel worthy of their visits.



JNJ mosaic products, enchanted with artistic taste,

attracted lots of visitors to take photos and make inquiries.

The innovative new products of water jet series,

is one of the bright points of JNJ mosaic products in this Guangzhou fair.

The new products of water jet series utilized ingenious mixture of varied materials,

collocating different texture effects,

which emphasizes quality of glasses and thickness of stones,

and is highly appreciated by the visitors. 




As for continuous questions on the products from the visitors,

staff from JNJ mosaic answered them patiently.

Many visitors said that they learned a lot by this visit.

The operation root of JNJ mosaic in Chinese mosaic market,

lies in high-level art, abundant choices, quality guarantee and professional service, 

which brings us with public praises within the industry. 


In the future,

JNJ mosaic will be devoted to developing its brand as usual,

providing more people with mosaic products of high quality,

and meeting the demand of modern generation of pursuit of artistic lives.