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Project name: Hangzhou Relax Hotel (at Wanda Square in the north of the city)

Address of the project: intersection of Hangxing Road and Xiangfu Road in Hangzhou

Applied areas: background walls and ceiling areas 



  • The Relax Hotel, at Wanda Square in the north of the city, as one of its branches in Hangzhou, is located in the prosperous downtown of northern Hangzhou, and it’s a bench marking architecture in Hangzhou. Opened in 2015, it is a comprehensive prime business hotel. 

  • Different from traditional classic and elegant architecture appearances, decoration in the internal part of the hotel bravely mixes varied styles of Artdeco, modern Baroque and new Chinese style, etc. By reference to the special style of the hotel, the design team of JNJ mosaic applied colorful mosaic in the decoration of background wall and ceilings with a tender method, which forms a relaxed pace full of elegance and luxury in quietness. 

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-02.jpg

Hotel appearance

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-01.jpg

Pictures for the background wall and ceilings of the hall




Background wall of the hall

  • Elements of the picture: heavily colored lotus

  • Materials of the product: star-cloud series, glittering series, icy jade series, porcelain series and gold foil series

  • Craft: fine cut

  • Summary of the design:

  • The appeal for the background of the hall is established to reflect the special geographic environment, human culture and history of Hangzhou. Both the beautiful nature and deposited human culture are emphasized. As the integral essential when people in Hangzhou appreciate flowers, lotus is chosen to be the element (the sequences as: plum blossom, peach blossom, lotus and Osmanthus blossom). Skillful technique of artistic inlay with mosaic, is adopted in the decoration of the background of the hotel hall in freeze frame, bringing every honored guest with vagueness and misty without boating at West Lake in person. In history, such feelings were only felt in the letter, when the princess of Qian Liu, the king of Jiangsu-Zhejiang regions in the past, passed away; within this letter, such beautiful words as “slowly returning in blossom flowers” were recorded. While at present, you can enjoy yourselves in a relaxed way as long as you are in the hotel with some friends or the one you deeply love, which is another reflection of happiness. 



Design script of the background wall of the hall

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-04.jpg

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-05.jpg

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-06.jpg

▲ Objective picture of the background wall of the hall



Ceiling region (ceilings of the hall, elevator hall and corridors)

  •  Elements of the picture: abstract lotus

  • Materials of the product: star-cloud series, glittering series, icy jade series and porcelain series

  • Craft: fine cut 

  • Summary of the design:

  • The design team of JNJ mosaic adopted lotus as the element, combining the abstract graphs forming with mosaic artistic inlay, which reduced the complexion of lotus leaves and that of the forms after the lotus is stretched, tortured or simplified. Mosaic is mounted into the tall and long corridors and ceilings stably with curve-cutting picture composition, accompanying the wooden back with character of “people” and the simple nut lights, which presents an atmosphere of slightly singing with fun. The symbol of the total design is clear--full of luxurious and heavy colored blue tone, elegant and cool, but not vulgar. When you head up to glare or think deeply, the lotus blossoms splendidly in a novel way; full of legendary stories, it represents the cultural responsibility and honorable mission of JNJ mosaic designers. 


2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-08.jpg

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-07.jpg

▲ Objective picture of the ceiling of the hall

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-09.jpg

Design script of the ceiling of the elevator hall

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-11.jpg

▲ Objective picture of the ceiling of the elevator hall

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-12.jpg

▲ Design script of the corridor and ceiling in the first floor

2016-3-10 杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店-10.jpg

▲ Objective picture of the corridor and ceiling in the first floor (left) and the fifth floor (right) 






  • A kind of modern fine culture with natural smell is brought into the top city hotel, which is not just a staying place during the journey, but the one for you to appreciate art and enjoy life. 

  • Three branches of Hangzhou Relax Hotel adopted the products of JNJ mosaic, and we fell honored for the trust and appreciation from the customers. When the design team of JNJ mosaic made design for the branch of Relax Hotel at Wanda Square in the northern part of Hangzhou, they took lines and colors as the language, perfectly combined the environment with the aggregate “lotus” design style after careful consideration, which echoes to each other mutually, drawing the outline of a comfortable atmosphere. It penetrates the hall and ceiling of all the public space of the whole hotel, creating a brilliant and luxurious new paradigm.