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Name of the project: Shanghai Wanda Reign Hotel

Address: No.538, Zhongshan Eastern Road Two, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Opening time: June, 18th, 2016

Applied areas: background walls in the wash room of guest rooms/suites, background wall of bathtubs






  • Shanghai Wanda Reign Hotel, located in the financial center in the costly Bund, Huangpu district of Shanghai, eastern to Huangpu River, western to Yu Garden, facing Lujiazui across the river with beautiful and luxurious views in the golden mile of the city, is a “seven-star” hotel, invested by Wanda Group for construction with 3.4 billion. It has 193 guest rooms, including 14 suites, with its area ranging from 45-299 . Each guest room is cost about 17 million, and it’s planed to be opened up on June, 18th officially. 

  • Wanda Group employed Norman Foster, the remarkable international master of architecture, to lead the architectural firm “Foster+Partners” to design the appearance of the hotel in person. Its internal design is mainly based on ART DECO, mixing such element as magnolia, the city flower of Shanghai, and combining different materials of marbles, jade, glass mosaic and crystal. People feel amazed while they step into the entrance of the hotel. 



Splendid appearance of the hotel


The internal part of the hotel mainly based on ART DECO






Background walls in the wash room of guest rooms/suites, background wall of bathtubs:

  • Name of the work: “coming back with lotus dreams” / JP602-G (silver)

  • Elements of the picture: lotus

  • Materials of the product: porcelain series, glittering series and gold foil series

  • Craft: fine cut

  • Summary of the design:

  • Designers from JNJ mosaic took lotus as the element, making re-construction and combination of frames on the basis of lotus blossom. The leaves slowly extended in different sequences, with the golden and substantial lotus seedpod exposing into the silver and white leaves, which resulted in lots of fun in reflection. The designers expressed their ambition through lotus, which symbolizes nobleness, rectitude and unsullied quality from mud. The spiritual appeal of people was expressed through the spreading silver lotus, i.e, life could not be wasted only in pursuit of fame and money or following the tide, instead, people should pursue a beautiful and healthy life. The golden seedpod implies abundance and wealth, with which, the designers expressed their wishes for the well-off lives of people. 

  • Craft description:

  • Adoption of mosaic inlay craft of lotus into the background walls in the wash rooms and bathtubs of the hotel by the JNJ mosaic designers, is in part based on the consideration about how to break the thickness of the marble walls and the stiff atmosphere, and to increase certain coolness of the summer in the space of the large bathtubs. The work is expressed in the craft of finely cutting. The designers bravely omitted the detail of reality brought by the leaves, and they dealt with the brightness and darkness of leaves by intelligent adoption of light and shade effect in solving the problem of color connotations. They made the upright leaves tend to express the color of white, while the inner-wall of leaves is sequenced with naturally transited silver and gray according to their own texture and directions in a line oriented way. To enhance the special implication of the seedpod, the designers particularly used golden and wheat to emphasize and express their initial design willing. 


JNJ mosaic work “coming back with lotus dreams”







  • Wanda Reign Hotel and JNJ mosaic company possess similar brand cultural ideas and market orientation, and both of them own techniques, talent pools and perfect management teams to be the solid support for their career development. They keep aiming at high-level design and sweet services. Based on these common operation ideas, the cooperation of this project across fields was facilitated. It not only wrote a classic legend in combination of business real estate with mosaic arts, but also represented the charming uniqueness of application of mosaic inlay arts in the business space.