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Name of the project: The Reverie Saigon (in Saigon, Vietnam)

Address: 22-36 Nguyen Hue Blvd,Ben Nghe Ward, District 1,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Applied areas: areas of bar, restaurant, luxurious suites, entertainment, reception and the swimming pool

Materials used: icy jade series, porcelain series, gold foil series, glittering series, peach-blow series and multicolored series,etc.






  • If Park Hyatt Saigon is the representative of traditional elegant hotel, the Reverie Saigon is the luxurious and splendid palace. It was globally chosen to be the hotel most worthy of checking-in in 2015, which created a real fantastic home with complicated JNJ mosaic patterns. 

  • The reverie saigon aims at providing a dedicated modern life style. Four Italian interior designers were invited to design 286 guest rooms and suites elaborately. The hotel is full of luxurious atmosphere with delicate pendants, beds inserted with gemstones and velvet curtains in the rooms. In addition, there are five restaurants of particular flavors and luxuriant environments, with skillful cooks providing authentic Indian dishes, Italian dishes and Cantonese dishes, and even the chopsticks and knives and forks are from expensive brands of costly designers. There is no better word than resplendent can be used to describe it. In a short time, it successfully combined the family warm of the local Vietnam with luxurious and comfortable “five-star” service pursued by senior personage, attracting mounts of local and international visitors to stay there. 




  • Area of bar

  • The moment you enter into the bar, you will be caught by eyeful of classic Baroque palace decorations. Permeable marble facade and luxuriant decorated floor, together with a dedicate banquet of mosaic, implies that you have entered into the gorgeous palace created by the Reverie Saigon.

  • The designers from JNJ mosaic skilfully mixed such elements as lily, parthenocissus grass, and abstract bottles into the pictures of the background wall of the bar by adoption of gray blues in a finely cutting way with mosaic, expressing the dreamlike comfortable life accompanied by beautiful flowers and wines. 



  • Area of the restaurant

  • The design element of the background wall of the restaurant area is a realistic golden brown flower blossoming in the ever-green land, or the abstract dandelion of red tone and lake blue flowers scattering on the golden land quietly. The areas of the two restaurants with different styles are presented by professional inlay craft (finely cut) of mosaic, including glittering series, icy jade series and porcelain series, which keeps the luxury and elegance of European style, as well as the classic charm of Chinese restaurants. 



  • Area of luxuriant suites

  • The moment you open the door, you will be shocked by the incomparable views brought by the panorama French windows in the guest rooms and bathrooms. Saigon river flows by in front of your eyes in a perfect curve, and the horizon of this city opens slowly like pictures. With all these gorgeous scenery, your breath will be held unconsciously.

  • The decorative style of the suites is different from the gorgeous atmosphere brought by the Baroque style in public space. The rooms look simple and slim by the new classic style with Chinese elements, as well as decoration of JNJ mosaic works of different styles, and display of Rococo furniture makes them dedicate and elegant. Under the reflection of lots of glass materials, the translucent crystal lamps, beautiful velvet curtains and comfortable vintage beds form the classic atmosphere of feminine gentle qualities. At night, with a cup of wine, you can quietly appreciate the crystalline on the surface of the red liquid reflected by the crystal lamps, sharing a pleasant and romantic dream with the Venice princess along Saigon river. When you wake up, there must be charming and sweet smiles on your face. 

  • Designers of JNJ mosaic applied some elements as clusters of stars and night sky in the decoration of each suite area according to its aggregate style demand, and sieve plate and shearing process are adopted in combination with mosaic inlay craft of gold foil series, icy jade series, porcelain series, and multicolored series,etc. The unique beauty of mosaic application is manifested in the ceilings, floors, bathrooms, wrapping of the soft beds, and even the appearance of bathtubs, no matter it is in a way of dull blue, quietness, or passion and boldness. 


  • Area of entertainment

  • Fashionable and mixed styles of mosaic work is applied in decoration of the background wall of entertainment area in the interior part of the hotel. The materials used are simple and glittering mosaic. The designers from JNJ mosaic rearranged the space with mosaic inlay craft (sieve plate), dividing the colors into arc lines or adoption of photo wall, which is collocated and matched well with the modern decoration, endowing the whole space with a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. 





  • The scenery is as beautiful as a painting in the Reverie Saigon, with flutes of ships streaking the overhead of quite Saigon river. It is amazing just to stand in front of the window of the hotel to feel the lingering light of the setting sun quietly; and its unique cultural services, luxuriant Baroque decoration style and dizzy mosaic works all present the visitors with a resplendent visual banquet in their leisure time beyond entertainment. 

  • Feelings come from sincerity and reflection. Roaming about in the luxurious hotel, you will be not only shocked and impressed by its own gorgeous decorations and starring services, but also full of appreciation for the perfect cooperation between the hotel designers and JNJ mosaic company.