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Time: April 15-April 19, 2017 (Phase I)

Venue: Exhibition hall of China Import and Export Fair

(No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, P.R. China)

Booth: 9.2 A04-05 of Exhibition Hall 


©  Nice to see you again

v  With the spring breeze and the spring rain, the 121st Canton Fair has its grand opening today. The international marketing team of JNJ mosaic attends this fair as ever, and passionately communicates with the world again at the booth 9.2 A04-05 of the exhibition hall: Hello, very happy to meet you again.

 2017-04-15 广交会照片-01.jpg

© JNJ mosaic’s new products

2017-04-15 广交会照片-02.jpg

v In addition to JNJ mosaic’s classic and hot products that have been very popular, the brand-new “Ink-Jet Series” is also on the neatly-arranged product display racks.

2017-04-15 广交会照片-03.jpg

2017-04-15 广交会照片-04.jpg

v Different from the crystal clear glass mosaic, the Ink-Jet Series has more calmness and simplicity, with warm and gentle touch, fashionable design, rich artistic charm and broad range of application, which makes the products of the opal glass series easily blend into the modern living space to become a unique existence, attracting the great attention of the foreign guests on the spot.


2017-04-15 广交会照片-05.jpg

© Focus on the future

v  JNJ mosaic devotes to each product series, and even each piece of mosaic. Our selection of materials, love of art and refinement of crafts are being displayed here. In the future, JNJ mosaic will continue to provide high-quality mosaic works for more people as always to meet the needs of modern people’s pursuit of artistic life.

v  The Canton Fair (Phase I) has been successfully concluded, thank you for the support of JNJ mosaic.