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Theme: “NEW • LEAP” – JNJ MOSAIC 2017 Dealer Conference & Works Appreciation Conference

Time: 15: 00-21: 00, April 18, 2017

Site:20th Floor,Building T6,Smart City,Jihua 1st Rd.,Chancheng District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,P.R.C


  • 2017 is an important year for JNJ mosaic’s brand upgrading, which requires more actions to achieve the goal, and the “NEW • LEAP” – JNJ MOSAIC 2017 Dealer Conference & Works Appreciation Conference is one of the major operations in this year.

  • The dealer teams of JNJ mosaic brand from all over China gather together for the first time in this large space full of grand creativity after the relocation of Foshan branch of JNJ mosaic brand.


  • Before the conference began, our dealer partners had visited the new offices in Foshan branch of JNJ mosaic brand and praised the industrial-style office space surrounded by green plant. During the period of waiting for the starting of the conference, they enjoyed the delicate afternoon tea snacks and talked with one another pleasantly.



  • Previously JNJ mosaic brand launched a total of 8 sets of home decoration packages including new Chinese style, American style, modern style and simple European style, etc., which were very popular among the customers. Therefore, in this conference, the VR panoramic space free experience link is incorporated into the conference.

  • In the 4 space settings with integral matching, respectively, different JNJ mosaic works are respectively applied to the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The difference from the ordinary VR experience is that after the customers wear the VR glasses, they can walk freely in the virtual space, while they can perform the real-time switching of the application of different mosaic works. They can be appreciate the works far and near, so that they can see the application effect more intuitively with fresh and interesting experience.


Brand Innovation

Retrospect of the relocation of Foshan branch, the upgrading of JNJ brand image 

  • When the conference began, the participants watched the retrospect video of the relocation of Foshan branch and reviewed the joy belonging to JNJ people. Then we made the specific introduction of the brand-new upgrading of the VI brand images such as the official website, business card, etc., and explained the concept of the upgrading.

Management Improvement

Forming the systemetic competitive advantages, establishing the business team pattern

  • A powerful brand requires a strong construction team to maintain its power. The business teams are crucial, and are the decisive factor for serving broader groups of customers and for the long-term development. Therefore, Mr. Xiao Hongliang, the marketing channel director, emphasized in explaining the essentials of management improvement in this conference, enabling our dealers to manage their own business teams more freely.

Unique Works

Appreciation of the four major styles, retrospect of 2016 hot works and 2017 spring and summer new product release

  • The reason why JNJ mosaic brand is in the leading position in the industry is based on our outstanding product advantages in the industry. Therefore, in this conference, the summary on our brand products is very important, including the appreciation video of the four major styles of the home decoration packages and the retrospect of 2016 hot products. Then we released the 2017 spring and summer new products, including the fine-cutting series works and the brand-new “Ink-Jet Series".

— Dinner  

  • After the conference was over, the dealers and clients gathered together to discuss the exchange and spent a good time in the dinner party.