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  • After more than 10 years of efforts, through the “Beijing Haixing Special-shaped Appearance Design Construction Project”, “Hunan Changde Bridge Landscaping Project” and other major projects, we have carried out research from the aspects of design, measurement, construction technology, etc. with countless practical operation tests, marked a series of attention points and abrupt temporary situations, and summed up the solutions to the technical problems of the special-shaped projects; we have gradually developed a set of “Special-purpose Technical Manual on Mosaic Construction of Special-shaped Project”. After it is further improved, it is expected to form a new standard of the construction technology for the special-shaped engineering projects. We hope that through the construction of these special-shaped projects, China’s mosaic projects and China’s mosaic construction standards can also reach out to the world.


2016 • Hebei • Caozhuang Village Catholic Church

Application Area: The arc-shaped background wall inside the Church

  • The inside of the church is in the shape of hyperboloid, so there is great difficulty in the construction whether from the aspect of material expression, artistic landscaping or construction technology. Since the cement base of the construction site is not even and smooth, with the great difficulty of setting the lines and connecting at the split nodes, it needs to be fully rectified. In the construction process, there is the need for professional constructors to carry out the base division, connection mending, pattern and bottom color adjustment, in order to ensure the aesthetic property of the mural.


  • The mural work of this project integrates the ancient Greek mythological elements such as angels, Christ, the cross, etc. to create a mysterious and classical atmosphere, rendering the church a strong religious atmosphere. JNJ mosaic brand designers select two series of material textures (porcelain jade series, nebula series), learn the mosaic spelling method from the mosaic mural art in the Byzantine period, and adopt the disorderly cutting method of different shapes and the linear tipping method to cleverly blend the works and the arc-shaped background wall, ultimately presenting the accurate and delicate layering of the whole works.


2017 • Guangdong • Yongjing Bay Restaurant

Application Area: Arc-shaped background wall of the VIP private room 

  • In this project, especially in response to the mosaic pattern construction technical program for the private room of “Thriving in Four Seasons”, we break the routine, not afraid of the difficulty in the construction of the arc-shaped wall. We change the original fixed application form of mosaic, and take material textures with different properties as the base to highly combine with the mosaic. In the whole construction process, multiple base-surface treatment is involved, and the dark-color-tone base can greatly improve the three-dimensional visual effect of the whole picture; since the pattern is very complex, JNJ mosaic brand construction team has to carefully examine the repositioning accuracy of each theme element. After repeated measurements, checking, embedding and adjustments, we make checks at all levels to ultimately break through all the difficult points, presenting the precise picture.


[I] Arc-shaped background wall of the private room of “Thriving in Four Seasons” 


  • It takes the concise deep color as the base to achieve the dialogue between style and art, and it blends rich colors and intertwined patterns to endow the space with unique artistic conception. The elegant background wall matches with the Chinese-style furniture to emit a low-key charm; it has the urban tender feelings, and at the same time it also blends into the natural simplicity. 

[II] Arc-shaped background wall of the private room of “Good Harvest Year after Year” 


  • The slender line streamer series of the black major tone is freely arranged to be the background, showing the light traces left by the passing night rays. Large blossoms of violets, rice ears and peonies are vigorously blooming with a sumptuous and luxurious momentum. They are endowed with magic power to become artworks in the hands of JNJ mosaic designers, and the flowers should fully burst into bloom in the infinite time and space.

[III] Arc-shaped background wall of the private room of “Full of Happiness”


  • The sky background of blue tone and white tone, together with red leaves in the view, is paved with 8mm exquisite series. The kingfishers and the orioles adopt the true-to-life fine cut mosaic technique. The patterns on the bird feathers, layered colors and smart eye expression, and even the small and exquisite claws and sharp beaks appear natural and lifelike, making people cannot but admire the skills of our craftsmen.

  • JNJ mosaic construction team utilizes its special-shaped project construction experience years accumulated over many years, with its clever and flexible modes of combination, to break through the difficult technical points of the works, such as node decomposition, line-setting treatment, picture connection, cross-border application, multiple combinations, etc. In addition, they integrate the mosaic inlaying art focusing on detail depiction, fully demonstrating its unique artistic charm!