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Breaking the mirror image of time 

Through the mysterious territory

After being repeatedly tested and tempered

It is gorgeous and resplendent

This is a truth of beauty told by JNJ mosaic with its works


The JNJ mosaic experience center, located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, P. R. China, is designed and rebuilt based on the era characteristics, significance and value of the mosaics. The design inspiration for the exterior facade, the theme image wall and the artistic installation originates from the representation of eternity—diamond. MOSAIC and diamond are both an art of nobleness and beauty. The blending of craft and technology is an immortal aesthetic leap.

The overall design concept of the experience center this time coincides with the JNJ mosaic’s theme of “Born to be Brilliant” over recent years, which not only reflects its prestigious brand charm, but also presents its multi-faceted nature and its fashion attitude of advancing with the times. The JNJ mosaic design team breaks the convention in the process of space restructuring, aiming to express the match between contemporary design and mosaic application, in order to create a modern mosaic brand art museum that runs through both idealism and practice.


External Appearance of JNJ mosaic Experience Center


JNJ mosaic Brand Image


Three-dimensional “e” art zone

The overall display window area adopts a linear layout. The “diamond-shaped” floor-to-ceiling glass at the entrance and the theme art installation “Diamond • Realm” create a “mirror image” effect with transparent materials and three-dimensional shaping, making the mosaic display dynamic and attractive to maximize the visual tension, which perfectly matches the inside and outside world. In addition, the unique design, shaping, material selection and colors also inherit the consistent design style of JNJ mosaic.

Watching from afar, you can see the “diamond-shaped” mosaic standing pillars spreading outwards in a radial pattern, the pink-tone mosaic with innate elegant strength unfolds with the spreading of color, from point to area, from less to more, from scattering to concentration, extending from plane to three-dimensional, manifesting each other with endless vitality. The large-area color gradient and irregular cutting surfaces make the mosaic more dynamic and more introverted, rendering visitors a different sensory experience. The upper part of the art installation is full of impact, permeating into every inch of the space. It is able to penetrate the retina to directly reach the soul, bring about a strong shock; the lower part emphasizes the creation of temperament, being exquisite and flexible, which not only expresses the leading focus of mosaic at the key position, but it also has more expressive tension in the communication of local features. Moreover, what is even more amazing is that when you view it at different angles or under different moods, you will obtain different senses of beauty.

All this has taken a glance into the future facet of mosaics!


Art Zone


Understanding life with deep insight

Directly stepping into the exhibition area, you will find that different areas correspond to different themes, which cross through the existence of spatial boundaries in the way of “points” and are orderly displayed. The experience center respectfully presents itself in a vigorous way, like the vivid introduction of the creativity, tirelessly telling everything about JNJ mosaic—display window area, leisure area, reception area, application display area, material selection area...The broad preview space is opened in a fantastic way, and the high-low collocation like the display method of gene fragments breaks through the limitation of static experience and forms a lively “e”-shaped design clue that is introduced into the room and runs through it, presenting a brisk and soothing rhythm. The theme areas with distinct features even more add a special charm to its mobile lines and form rich moods in different spaces.


Theme Zone


Xie Zhiming

Da Mu Building Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong/Shanghai/Foshan)  Partner

Mingwei Branch of Foshan City Cheng Jiang Architecture Design Institute Co., Ltd. Dean

CIID of The Architectural Society of China   Council Member

CIID Foshan   President

Foshan City Design Federation   Standing Vice President

The space design of the JNJ mosaic experience center this time is performed by Mr. Xie Zhiming, the famous designer. From the overall design to the regional division, he blends the mosaic works into the unique layout and contextual design, revealing the atmosphere of art and life everywhere. JNJ mosaic works refine the elements over the fashion to show a new height in an artistic manner, giving birth to a new image of the brand.

Change, is only for achieving a better future.

The JNJ mosaic experience center after being upgraded perfectly conveys the concept of the brand and the eternal classics, so that everyone can be personally on the scene and feel the infinite beauty and possibility of artistic life.